EBU Certification

In 1993 the UEMS adopted the Charter on Training of Medical Specialists in the European Community with the aim to harmonise specialist training in each specialty. As part of this new initiative, all Specialist Sections, including the Section of Urology (represented by the EBU) developed a guideline specifying the needs and requirements of postgraduate specialist training.

In 1995, the present European Training Charter was adopted. EBU’s objectives are to harmonise training in urology in Europe and promote high standards of training. We achieve that by implementing the following EBU certification programmes:

In 1993, the first Residency Training Programmes in Urology were EBU certified. Since then, we certified and re-certified more than 70 Residency Training Programmes in Urology throughout Europe.

Since the introduction of the Sub-specialty centres certification programme in 2012 there are 5 centres certified. The EBU-EAU Host Centre programme was launched in 2015, currently more than 15 programmes are accredited.

EBU Certification give national training centres a unique opportunity to have their programmes evaluated and assessed against European standards. This assessment has highly practical implications, as it provides structured and individual recommendation on further improvements and development.

Overview of EBU Certified Training Centres