About Accreditation

The acknowledgement of accredited CME activities

Let’s make a mark

Enhancing the value and legitimacy of educational activities

Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Professional Development (CDP) consist of educational activities, which serve to maintain and increase the knowledge and develop skills of urologists.

How accredited CME activities make a mark:

  • Valuable to urologists because it improves their medical practice and keeps  them up-to-date.
  • Required in some countries in order to maintain medical licensure & certification.
  • Beneficial to departments, organizations & employers because it strengthens their employees.
  • Accredited CME activities attract participants from Europe and beyond.

The EBU was among the first boards to develop a credit system to control CME/CPD activities. Most EU countries have implemented a system of voluntary or mandatory collection of credits. Nowadays, it may be difficult for participants to choose the best one among the great number of different educational and scientific events. However, EBU accreditation guarantees that the event meets high academic and scientific standards.

Martin Kivi (Estonia)

For today & tomorrow

Maintain today, enhance tomorrow

By maintaining medical licensure & certification today, we enhance the value and legitimacy of educational activities for tomorrow.



The EU-ACME programme is an initiative resulting from a close collaboration between EBU and EAU. EU-ACME stands for Accredited Continuing Medical Education, which:

  • Helps urologists keep track of their educational activities.
  • Assists (inter)national urological associations in the implementation and organisation of the CME/CPD credit system among European urologists.
  • Offers providers a user-friendly web based platform to apply for accreditation.

For more information visit the EU-ACME website.