About the Part 2 Oral Exam (FO-20)

An examination to test common cases in everyday practice

Date: Saturday 19 June 2021
Local time: 08.00 – 20.15
Venue: Warsaw, Poland

Postponement FEBU Part 2 Oral Exam 2020 (FO-20)
Due to COVID-19 the FEBU Part 2 Oral Exam 2020 (FO-20) is postponed to 2021. This registration is referred to as FO-20.

New date FO-20
The exam is held Saturday 19 June 2021.

Confirmation of selection FO-20
Candidates who registered for FO-20, and have received the confirmation of selection email on 10 March 2020, are automatically transferred to Saturday 19 June 2021. Respective candidates were sent an email to confirm their selection for the new date on 25 May 2020.

The registration for this exam is closed.

Provisional programme FO-20

  • 08.00 – 12.30: Exam sessions 1-4.
  • 13.35 – 18.00: Exam sessions 5-8.
  • 19.30 – 20.15: Announcement of results and diploma ceremony.

In April 2021 the candidates will be informed by email about the time of their examination session including practical information.
Personal preferences for the time of the examination session will not be taken into consideration.

Taking the exam and receive the FEBU diploma FO-20
Candidates follow the instructions provided by email beforehand and are present at the assigned time at the venue. The results are announced at the end of the day. Successful candidates collect their diploma during the ceremony.

If the FEBU diploma is not collected during the ceremony the candidate needs to submit a request by email to have it sent by postal delivery.
For this service we charge a fee of € 25,00.

Receive the results letter and credits FO-20
Candidates receive the result letter including a certificate of participation by email. The FEBU title qualifies for 30 credits and EU-ACME members have their account updated automatically.

Cancellation policy exam FO-20
Cancellation reported before 15 January 2021 = free of charge.
Cancellation reported after 16 January 2021 = no refund.

A cancellation is reported by email.

Cancellation policy examination venue Warsaw FO-20
Candidates who booked accommodation through the booking link sent by the EBU should know that the hotel will automatically transfer the full reservation to the period 18-20 June 2021 without any additional costs and receive a confirmation thereof in May 2020.

Important information on FO-21
The FEBU Part 2 Oral Exam 2021 (FO-21) will be organised on Friday 18 June 2021 at the same venue.
As such FO-21 and FO-20 are held on 2 consecutive days.