EBU Online In-Service Assessment

Dates: Thursday 7 and Friday 8 March 2019 
Time: Both days between 00.00 and 23.59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Format: Online test in collaboration with Pearson VUE
Duration: Maximum 2 hours
Language: English

In-Service Assessment (ISA)
The assessment consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) which cover all fields of urology. The objective of this self-assessment is allowing candidates to evaluate their current knowledge base against the current European standards. It encourages both the teacher and student to reflect upon their training sheme. Residents and programme directors can use it to identify deficiencies related to specific urological topics and target those areas in future training. 

The analysis offers a comparison of the resident’s level of knowledge against other candidates in his/her country of residency and in the same year of training. 

Certified urologists benefit from taking this assessment as part of their CME requirements
These candidates are assigned to a separate peer group and receive a comparative analysis.
Our partner
Pearson VUE is a global leader in computer-based-testing.

Examination fees per candidate
- EUR 50,00: Regular fee.
- EUR 40,00: Reduced fee for applicants from an EBU Certified Training Centre

Regular checks will be performed to verify that the applicant is working at an EBU Certified Training Centre. 

Sponsored registrations
The assessment is offered free of charge to candidates from the following countries. 

Czech Republic

Group registration for candidates selected by the Czech Urological Association.


Individual registration by members of the Egyptian Urological Association.


Individual registration by active members of the Hellenic Urological Association.


Individual registration by candidates selected by the Portuguese Association of Urology.


Individual registrations by selected candidates from Madrid thanks to a grant from Recordati.

Registration procedure
Online registration starts 5 December 2018 and closes 30 January 2019 at 23.59 hrs. GMT. Participation is open to urological residents and certified urologists; there are no eligibility criteria.
Submission copy valid passport/ID by email at the time of registration is required for candidates from Egypt and Portugal. 

Step 1: Online registration
The following types of registration are offered. The candidate should be registered based on the status - resident or certified urologist - applicable at the time of the assessment. 
 Individual registration.
• Group registration: A single registration with a minimum of 2 candidates.

For a reliable comparison of the results, and to avoid login issues during the test, the EBU must be informed about the accurate and valid candidate details. To facilitate an efficient and reliable registration, it is recommended to have the following required details available before starting the online registration. 

Organiser (e.g. Programme Director, Head of Department)
• Surname(s)
• First Name
• Hospital Address
• E-mail address

•  Surname(s) - as stated in passport/ID
•  First name
•  Candidate’s personal email address
•  Nationality
•  Gender
•  Date of birth
•  Year start and end of training in urology. 

The payment is done by credit card only and is processed upon completion of the registration. 

When the registration is successfully completed, the registrant receives an automatically generated confirmation of registration email. After the EBU has processed the registration each candidate will receive an email for verification of their details. The invoice will be sent to the debtor by postal mail.

Step 2: Receive confirmation of participation from EBU
On, or before 4 March 2019 each candidate receives a personal confirmation of participation by email from the EBU. This email includes further information and a link to the Pearson VUE website.  

Step 3: Create a personal Pearson VUE account and schedule the assessment
This assessment is taken through the Pearson VUE website. To take the assessment each candidate must have or create a personal Pearson VUE account and schedule the test through the Pearson VUE website. When the candidate has scheduled the test through the Pearson VUE website an automatically generated email with details about the test is sent.

Step 4: Take the online assessment
The assessment can be done at any time on either Thursday 7 or Friday 8 March 2019. The EBU does not define restrictions as to where or when the test is taken. Some organisers may have set certain restrictions to take the assessment; it is the responsibility of the organiser to inform his/her candidates accordingly. 

The assessment can only be accessed once and must be completed within 2 hours. Participation is reserved for the registered candidates only.

In case of any irregularities the EBU reserves the right to annul the results of the candidate in question. 

System requirements
- Internet browsers: Internet Explorer IE11. Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari current version.
- Mobile devices: iOS and Android devices are not supported.
- Network connection: A wired network is required for optimal performance.
- Internet connection: DSL, cable, or LAN: 1 Mbps up/down minimum. Dial-up connections are not supported.
- Browser settings: Internet cookies must be enabled. Ensure any security software will not block the execution of JavaScript.

Step 5: View the statistical analysis online
Starting 2019 the analysis will be provided online through our examination management system called Examfolio. About 3 weeks after the assessment candidates and organisers receive an email from info@examfolio.com. This email includes a link to the Examfolio website and instructions.
There is no pass/fail mark. For the statistical analysis, the scores of all candidates are combined. Individual scores for each topic are presented alongside the group results and, if applicable, of various peer groups, allowing for a comparison among different groups.

 Regular individual registration: Results are not disclosed to other parties. 
• Regular group registration: Results are made available to both organiser and candidates.

Cancellation Policy

If a candidate is registered twice, individually and as part of a group, the individual registration is automatically cancelled by the EBU. In case of a cancellation or no-show there will be no refund. 

Booklets with MCQs, including correct answers, used in previous EBU In-Service Assessments are available for purchase. Download the order form here.