• European Board of Urology

Let’s make a mark: for today & tomorrow, together

By setting a standard for high-quality urologic patient care in Europe

Make a mark together with EBU by taking your part in setting a standard for high-quality urologic patient care in Europe. By participating you take a stand for transparency, reliability and professionality. Not just for your own practice but also for your students and/or patients.

Let´s make a mark

Our Mission & Actions

EBU is a regulatory body which has been making a mark since 1992. We made this visionary mark substantial within our very own trademark and named it: Mark of Quality. Our Mark of Quality is a direct result from our Mission & Actions.

“Our mission is to stimulate continuous improvement of standards in urological education, training and professional development in Europe.”


Our movement within Europe

We are not alone in this: we need you and our partners to keep paving the path towards a future of high quality urological care.

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The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) is a non-governmental organisation representing national associations of medical specialists in the European Union and in its associated countries. Since its establishment in 1958 UEMS has been developing voluntary European standards for continuing professional development of medical specialists, including European Training Requirements, European examinations and standards for continuing medical education.