Part 2 Oral Exam

A case-based exam to test common urological cases in everyday practice

Date: Saturday 21 June 2025

Venue: Leuven, Belgium

Format: Pre-recorded exam


Fee: €575,00

Capacity: The maximum number of candidates is 320 and registrations are handled on first-come, first-serve basis

Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

National exams

The exam is simultaneously held under the auspices of the national societies in Hungary, Poland and Türkiye. Candidates take the exam in their native language (Hungarian, Polish, Turkish). Respective candidates contact their society for information and registration.

Eligibility criteria

Participation is subject to eligibility. Aside from having completed the Part 1 Written Exam between 2020 and 2024, the candidate meets one of the following criteria.

Final-year resident

Trained as part of an official national urology training programme in an EBU member country. The training must be completed latest October 2025.

Certified urologist

Holds a national urology specialist diploma issued in an EBU member country.

Examination regulations 

These regulations apply to all candidates. The exam is recorded for review purposes. 


Provide the information and upload required documents:
  1. CV (in English)
  2. 1 current passport photo (51x51 mm)
  3. EBU Logbook based on the template provided during the registration
  4. Proof of status
Only one of the following documents can be accepted as a valid Proof of Status:
- A current final-year resident statement based on the template provided during the registration (an invalid statement is declined)
- A copy of the certificate of accreditation in urology.
Accept the Terms & Conditions before finishing the registration and receive an automated confirmation of registration.

Participation can only be guaranteed when the payment is received in time.
Once the submission has been successfully processed and meets the criteria, the candidate receives a confirmation of registration including general information by email.
The candidate is informed about the time of the exam session including the programme in May. Any request from a candidate to be allocated to a specific exam time will be denied.
Candidates follow the instructions provided to ensure a successful exam.
The results are announced by email in August.
The FEBU diploma is sent to the successful candidates in September. For delivery outside of Europe we charge an additional fee to cover the courier expenses.
The FEBU title qualifies for 30 credits. EU-ACME members have their account updated automatically.
In case the registration is made by a registrant other than the candidate (e.g. Pharmaceutical company) the following procedure applies:
  • Online registration: The registrant must have or create a personal account for the registration system.
  • Candidate details: The registrant provides accurate information about the candidate. All information regarding the exam is sent directly to the candidate's personal email address.
  • Payment: The registrant completes the credit card payment.
  • Invoice: Issued in the name of, and sent by email to, the registrant.
  • Result letter and certificate: Issued in the name of, and sent by email to the candidate.
  • Candidates report a cancellation by email.
    €50,00 cancellation fee
    • Cancellation by the candidate received before 1 April 2024.
    The exam fee will be reimbursed after deduction of the cancellation fee (as applicable).

    No refund
    • Cancellation by the candidate received after 1 April 2024.
    • No-show