Let’s make a mark

Our Mark of Quality is a recognition of transparency, reliability and professionality

For more than three decades we have worked towards achieving our goals as an entirely independent regulatory organisation. Already today we can see the results! All of our activities and programmes are well-established and recognised internationally as a Mark of Quality.

Today & tomorrow

Mission & Actions

Our road to success is always under construction: we keep expanding our aspirations, creating our legacy on the way.

“Our mission is to stimulate continuous improvement of standards in education, training and professional development so as to facilitate the best urological care for patients in Europe.”

How do we put our mission to practice? By our actions:

  • Improving urological training in Europe
  • Certifiying training programmes
  • Accrediting CME/CPD
  • Organising formative and summative assessments
  • Conferring the title Fellow of the EBU (FEBU)


EBU is a section of the UEMS, collaborates with national associations and the EAU

The European Union of Medical Specialists (Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes – UEMS) is a non-governmental organisation representing national associations of medical specialists in the European Union and in associated countries. The UEMS was founded in 1958 and currently represents more than 50 medical disciplines through various bodies and structures. The most important ones are the 43 Specialist Sections (including urology), which represent independently recognised specialties.

National associations

We collaborate with national urological associations for the advancement of urology and patient care in Europe.

European Association of Urology EAU

What’s the difference between EAU and EBU?

The EAU is a scientific, professional and educational organisation. EAU actively promotes the development of urological science and practice. They represent the interests of all its members, urologists and related medical professionals.

The EBU is a non-profit organisation that fulfills supervisory matters. We have independent evaluation tools and authority, as well as broad expertise in urology training standards and requirements.

Shared ambitions

The EAU works as an entirely independent supervisory organisation to ensure neutral and high-quality assessment of their and other European urology-related training activities. By close collaboration and equal strategy the EBU and the EAU achieve universally high urology training and practice standards in Europe.


Achieving goals together since 1958, such as:

  • 1992: Start EBU Examinations in Urology (FEBU)
  • 1993: Launch certification Residency Training Programme
  • 1996: 1st In-Service Assessment
  • 1996: Introduction CME/CPD credit management system