Part 1 Written Exam

A summative knowledge-based exam

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NEW date: 23 September 2021

Local time: 14:30 – 16:30 

Venue: Pearson VUE test centres


Type: MCQ exam

–  €425 applicant EBU member country
–  €625 applicant non-EBU member country

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Credits: 20

Important update on the formats
The exam is now being offered in two formats.

Onsite: The exam is taken at a Pearson VUE test centre.
OnVUE: The exam is taken online in collaboration with Pearson VUE. Visit their website and read this PDF.
We recommend to run the system test to guarantee that the technical requirements are met.

With regards to the national exams the following applies. Candidates in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland take the exam at a Pearson VUE test centre, while those in Turkey take the exam via OnVUE. The Polish exam is organised in a national setting in collaboration with the Polish Urological Association.

EBU member country candidate

Final-year resident

Trained as part of an official national urology training programme in an EBU member country. Training must be completed 31 October 2022.

Candidate uploads the EBU statement signed by the programme director.

EBU member country candidate

Certified urologist

Holding a certificate of accreditation in urology issued in an EBU member country.

Candidate uploads a copy of the certificate of accreditation in urology.

Non-EBU member country candidate

Certified urologist

Holding a certificate of accreditation in urology issued in a non-EBU member country.

Candidate uploads a copy of the certificate of accreditation in urology.

A urologist certified in a non-EBU member country is eligible to sit the Part 1 Written Exam only.
Additional information and/or English translation may be requested.

Successful candidates are eligible to register for the Part 2 Oral Exam 2022.

National Exams

In these countries the exam is a part of the national (exit) examination and co-organised with national urological associations.
In terms of eligibility different criteria may apply; candidates inquire with their respective national authorities.


Austria, Hungary, Poland and Turkey



Urological Society or Medical Association

Urological Society


Native or English

German or English

Exam regulations 

These regulations apply to all candidates.

Pearson VUE test centres

Pearson VUE has a network of secured test centres in EBU member countries.
During the online registration the candidate registers the preferred country and city for taking the exam. The aim is to have candidates take the exam in, or as close as possible to the preferred city.
After receiving final information from the EBU the candidate books the exam in one of the available test centres through the Pearson VUE website.

Please note that test centres in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Turkey are reserved for national exam candidates.

Register with names as stated in your passport/ID

The candidate must be registered with names as stated in passport/ID. Access to the Pearson VUE test centre can only be guaranteed when the candidate’s registration matches the passport/ID presented.

  • Register names as stated in your passport/ID.
  • Indicate the preferred country and city for taking the exam.
  • Upload the requested document.
  • Select the preferred payment method, credit card or bank transfer.
  • Finish the registration and receive an automated confirmation of registration.
If the application meets the criteria the candidate will receive a confirmation of participation by email. Should the application be rejected the cancellation is confirmed by email.
By mid-August the candidate will receive an email from the EBU with a link to the Pearson VUE website. This includes instructions on how to book the exam with Pearson VUE.
The candidate follows the instructions provided in the Pearson VUE exam booking confirmation and takes the exam at the assigned time, either at a test centre or via OnVUE.
The results will be available in our examination management system Examfolio. About 3 weeks after the exam, the candidates and national associations (as applicable) receive an email from Examfolio (
The candidate who has completed the exam receives a certificate by email.
Participation qualifies for 20 credits. EU-ACME members have their account updated automatically.
Candidates report a cancellation by email
€50,00 cancellation fee
  • Cancellation by the candidate received before 6 September 2021.
  • Cancellation by the EBU if the candidate does not meet the eligibility criteria.
The examination fee will be reimbursed after deduction of the cancellation fee.

No refund
  • Cancellation by the candidate received after 6 September 2021.
  • Access to the exam because the ID/passport does not match the registration.
  • No-show.
In case the registration is made by a registrant other than the candidate (e.g. Pharmaceutical company) the following procedure applies:
  • Online registration: The sponsor/registrant must have or create a personal account for the registration system.
  • Candidate details: The sponsor/registrant provides accurate information about the candidate. All information regarding the assessment is sent directly to the candidate's personal email address.
  • Payment: The sponsor/registrant completes the credit card payment.
  • Invoice: Issued in the name of, and sent by email to, the sponsor/registrant.
  • Results and certificate: Issued in the name of, and sent by email to the candidate.