In-Service Assessment

A formative test to evaluate knowledge

Date: 10-14 March 2025

Time: Daily for 24 hrs


Type: MCQ test
Duration: 2 hours
Language: English
Fee per candidate:
-€75,00 Regular fee
-€50,00 Reduced fee applicants EBU Certified Centres

  • Accurate information is a prerequisite for successful login and a reliable analysis.
In the week before the assessment each candidate receives a personal confirmation of participation from the EBU. This email includes a link to the Televic website and instructions about taking the test.
The assessment is taken through the Televic website.

The assessment can be done at any time from Monday to Friday. The assessment can only be accessed once and must be completed within 2 hours. Participation is reserved for registered candidates; in case of irregularities we reserve the right to annul the result of a candidate in question.
Two weeks after the assessment the candidate receives an email from the EBU to the assessmentQ website about the results.
Candidates who completed the assessment receive a certificate of participation by email.
Participation qualifies for 10 credits. EU-ACME members have their account updated automatically.
In case the registration is made by a registrant other than the candidate (Hospital/Pharmaceutical company, etc.) the following procedure applies:
  • Online registration: The registrant must have or create a personal account for the registration system.
  • Candidate details: The registrant provides accurate information about the candidate. All information regarding the assessment is sent directly to the candidate's personal email address.
  • Payment: The registrant completes the credit card payment.
  • Invoice: Issued in the name of, and sent by email to, the registrant.
    • Internet browsers: recent version of Chrome and Edge.
    • Mobile devices: iOS and Android devices are not supported.
    • Network connection: A wired network is required for optimal performance.
    • Internet connection: DSL, cable, or LAN: 100 Mbps up/down minimum. Dial-up connections are not supported.
    • Browser settings: Internet cookies must be enabled. Ensure any firewall will prevent and all its subdomains to be accessed.
    • Disable VPN.
    • Disclaimer: The EBU cannot be held responsible in case the system requirements are not met.
    If a candidate is registered twice, individually and as part of a group, the individual registration is automatically cancelled by the EBU. The same applies if a candidate has selected an invalid sponsor option.
    In case of a cancellation or no-show there will be no refund.