International Certificate Part 1 Written Exam

An examination to determine your level of knowledge

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Date: 14 November 2024
Time: 14:30 – 16:30 Central European Time
Type: MCQ exam (closed book)
Format: Web-based exam with online supervision
Fee: € 550,00

This exam is organised in cooperation with the Egyptian Urological Association (EUA). To register contact the EUA office at


Participation is subject to eligibility: the candidate holds a certificate of accreditation in urology.
For participation in the Part 2 Oral Exam 2025, registration for the Part 1 Written Exam 2024 via the Egyptian Urological Association is required.


The aim is to assess whether the candidate meets the minimum level of knowledge set by EBU. The exam is in English and consists of 110 single correct answer MCQs covering all urological fields.


We apply cohort-based standard setting. For the cut-off score we look at the average score and standard deviation. There is no negative marking.


Candidates prepare by studying up-to-date clinical textbooks and medical journals. The EAU guidelines and Campbell Wein Walsh (12th edition) provide a useful consensus.

Computer based exam

The exam is organised with our partner Televic via their online assessment tool assessmentQ. The exam is fully invigilated by a live proctor.

Step 1: Registration
Register with the Egyptian Urological Association by email before 1 September 2024 .
Access to the exam can only be guaranteed when the candidate’s registration matches the passport/ID presented.

Step 2: Receive details about the examination from EBU
Participants will receive an email from the EBU with the exam details.

Step 3: Take the exam
Participants follow the instructions provided and take the exam at the assigned time.

Step 4: Receive the result
About 3 weeks after the exam the participant is informed about the result by email.

Step 5: Receive the certificate
Participants who completed the examination receive a certificate of participation by email.