About the International Certification Part 2 Oral Exam

A summative exam to test common cases in everyday practice

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Date: April 2021
Local time: 1 day exam
Format: Case-based exam
Venue Caïro Egypt

Final date and venue are announced in due course to the participants.


The candidate meets the following criteria:

  • Passed the Part 1 Written Exam in 2019 or 2020
  • Active member of the Egyptian Urological Association

Objective & Format

The objective is to test ability to evaluate and manage common cases in everyday practice based on European standards. The candidate is examined by a team of two urologists on a number of clinical cases. Scoring is based on competency in diagnosis, judgement and decision-making.

International certification

The successful candidates are awarded the EBU International Certification certificate. The EBU International Certification certificate is considered a Mark of Quality and an added value to CV and portfolio.

Examination regulations

These regulations apply to all candidates.

Step 1: Registration
EUA members contact the office of the Egyptian Urological Association (EUA) to register.

Step 2: Receive details about the examination from the EBU
Candidates will receive an email about the venue details and exam procedure from the EBU.

Step 3: Receive the International Certification certificate
Successful candidates are presented the EBU International Certification certificate during the ceremony. If the certificate is not collected onsite the candidate can submit a request by email to have it sent by postal delivery. For this service we charge a fee of € 35,00.

Step 4: Receive the result
Candidates who completed the examination receive a result letter by email.