International Certificate Part 2 Oral Exam

A summative exam to test common cases in everyday practice

Date:  2025; date to be announced
Type: Case-based exam
Venue: Cairo, Egypt


This exam is being organised with the Egyptian Urological Association (EUA).
The participant is an active EUA member and registers through the respective national society.
– Name: Egyptian Urological Association
– Email:
– Website:

Participation is subject to eligibility. The participant has passed the Part 1 Written Exam maximum five years ago.


The objective is to test ability to evaluate and manage common cases in everyday practice based on European standards. Scoring is based on competency in diagnosis, judgement and decision-making.

Scoring system

Scoring is based on competency in diagnosis, judgement and decision-making. The mark is set by looking at the scores in both Written and Oral Exams.

International certificate

The successful candidate is awarded the 'EBU International Certificate'. This is considered a Mark of Quality and an added value to CV and portfolio.


The EAU guidelines provide a useful consensus of urological management.

Examination regulations

These regulations apply to all candidates.

Step 1: Registration
Register with the Egyptian Urological Association.

Step 2: Receive details about the examination from EBU
Receive our email with the exam details.

Step 3: Take the exam
Follow the instructions provided and take the exam at the assigned time.

Step 4: Receive the results
Be informed about your result by email.

Step 5: Receive the EBU International Certificate
Receive the EBU International Certificate.