Part 2 Oral Exam

A summative exam to test common cases in everyday practice

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The objective of the Part 2 Oral Exam is to test the ability to evaluate and manage common cases in everyday practice. In this way, by participating, you confirm the importance of a European standard.

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The candidate will be examined on a number of clinical cases reflecting daily practice. Register today and improve the standards for tomorrow.


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The exam is offered in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and therefore widely accessible. In Hungary, Poland and Turkey the exams are co-organised with national associations and offered in the native languages.


Content & significance

Case-based exam

The candidate will be evaluated by a team of two urologists on 3-5 cases which reflect common day urological practice. On average the session lasts 60 minutes.

Scoring system

Scoring is based on competency in diagnosis, judgement and decision-making. The mark is set by looking at the scores in both Written and Oral Exams.


Candidates are recommended to follow their national curriculum.
The EAU guidelines provide a useful consensus of urological management.

National (exit) exams

The exams in Hungary, Poland and Turkey are co-organised with the national societies. Respective candidates contact their national society about the date and procedure.


To ensure the exam’s discretion candidates of the first 3 morning and afternoon sessions will be sequestered. They remain in a room until session 4 respectively 8 have started.

FEBU title

Successful candidates are granted the title Fellow of the European Board of Urology, FEBU. The FEBU diploma is considered an added qualification, a prestigious asset to one's portfolio.