The FEBU title is considered a Mark of Quality, an added qualification and asset to one’s CV and portfolio. It is not a license to practice urology.

A Fellow of the EBU is one who has met the educational, practice and peer review requirements set forth by the European Board of Urology.  The European Board Examinations in Urology consist of two parts:

Part 1 Written Exam.
Part 2 Oral Exam.

The timeframe between the Part 1 Written and Part 2 Oral Exam may not exceed five years.
Candidates who have passed the Part 2 Oral Exam receive the FEBU diploma and may use the FEBU title.

Participation is subject to eligibility; candidates meet one of the following criteria.

  • Final-year resident: Trained as part of an official national urology training programme in an EBU member country.
  • Certified urologist: Holds a national urology specialist diploma issued in an EBU member country.