The European Board Examinations in Urology consist of two parts:

Part 1 Written Exam.
Part 2 Oral Exam.

The timeframe between the Part 1 Written and Part 2 Oral Exam may not exceed five years.
Candidates who have passed the Part 2 Oral Exam receive the FEBU diploma and may use the FEBU title.

Participation is subject to eligibility; candidates meet one of the following criteria.

  1. Final-year resident: Trained as part of an official national urology training programme in an EBU member country.
  2. Certified urologist: Holds a certificate of accreditation in urology issued in an EBU member country.

NOTE: A certified urologist holding a certificate of accreditation in urology being issued in a non-EBU member country is eligible for Part 1 Written Exam only.