Our Board

Meet our committees & learn about their activities

Our board consists of delegates nominated by their national urological associations. A delegate’s term of office is four years in first instance, with an optional re-appointment for four further years. Each delegate is active in one of the three working committees and thus contributing to our mission. To support our work we have appointed several expert members.

EBU Board Structure

  • EBU represents about 30 countries.
  • Three Working Committees related to our activities in the fields of Accreditation, Certification and Examination.
  • One representative of the European Society of Residents in Urology.
  • One representative of the Multidisciplinary Committee on Sexual Medicine.
  • One representative of the European Board of Paediatric Urology.

Our Executive Committee

Jeroen van Moorselaar
Michael Rauchenwald
Guy Bogaert
Archil Chkhotua
José Dominguez Escrig
Sedar Tekgül
Magne Dimmen
Archil Chkhotua

Three Committees

& their day-to-day work

The day-to-day works are commissioned to the EBU Management Foundation and the three committees:

Board meeting

Our board members meet at least twice a year. These bi-annual board meetings are alternately held at the invitation of the national urological associations represented in the EBU.

“Meetings serve as a platform to discuss the progress of our activities, to brainstorm and define future policy.”