International Certificate Exams

The International Certificate (IC) exams are open to urologists who are certified outside Europe. The exams are being organised exclusively in collaboration with a national society.

Currently we work with the following society; participants are an active member and can only register through the respective national society.
– Name: Egyptian Urological Association
– Email:
– Website:

Participation is subject to eligibility. The participant is certified and holds a urology specialist diploma issued by the respective national authority.

The IC exams consist of two parts:

The timeframe between the Part 1 and Part 2 may not exceed five years.

Successful participants in the Part 2 Oral Exam are awarded the EBU International Certificate.

The EBU International Certificate is to be considered a Mark of Quality and an added value to CV and portfolio.
The certificate is not a license to practice urology; it does not grant any rights to the beneficiary.